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Oreck Select Store

At Brandt Carpet & Tile, we're proud to be an authorized Oreck Select store.

We stock everything Oreck including vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, steam wands and more. Oreck is the leading brand in home cleaning appliances because of their innovative technology, risk-free guarantees and groundbreaking solutions.

Why choose an Oreck vacuum?

  • lightweight
  • easy to use
  • phenomenal warranties
  • free service & tuneups
  • works on all flooring types
  • sustains cleaning power when going from hard to soft surfaces
  • hypo-allergenic

Why buy your Oreck from Brandt's Carpet & Tile?

  • we service all Oreck models
  • we carry all Oreck accessories & cleaners
  • we offer discount prices
  • we have the knowledge to determine the best model for your needs
Oreck Select Store | Brandt Carpet and Tile
Home, flooring cleaning appliances | Brandt Carpet and Tile

We carry a variety of Oreck units, ranging from heavy-duty commercial vacuums to small, handheld cordless electric busters. No matter your cleaning schedule or the type of floor you need to clean, we'll help you find an Oreck product to make that cleaning easier! We're well-acquainted with how each product handles different types of flooring.



Oreck Select Store | Brandt Carpet and Tile

One of the best things you can do for proper care & maintenance of your floors is to keep them clean using an Oreck product.
You'll not only extend the lifespan of your floors, but will also ensure every bit of trapped dust is seamlessly collected and disposed of without the dreaded dust cloud! What's more, we also offer service and maintenance for all Oreck models directly at our showroom, and we carry all of the bags, belts, brushes and other accessories you may need. Buy the vacuum from us and get discount prices on all of these items for the entire duration of your unit's lifespan!

Visit our showroom to take advantage of our amazing discounts on Oreck products, especially when you purchase flooring from us!


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