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Hardwood Care & Maintenance

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Protective Care and Maintenance

The classic beauty of hardwood or cork flooring is incomparable. Both natural and engineered hardwood are popular flooring choices and will last for years to come when properly maintained.

Following a protective care and maintenance protocol will go a long way in preserving the beauty and longevity of your hardwood or cork floors. Use entry and doormats to avoid tracking dirt and debris that could scratch or scuff the hardwood, remove all outdoor shoes before walking across the floor, and use floor protectors under heavy furniture to avoid indentations or scratches.

Everyday care and maintenance

  • Spills and messes happen so it’s important to know how to clean these inevitabilities without damaging your floor. While most spills can easily be wiped away, it is important to wipe them up quickly as hardwood is not water resistant. For other more challenging stains such as wax residue or nail polish, consult with the manufacturer’s guidelines before attempting to clean it.
  • Every day care and maintenance could include sweeping, vacuuming or dry mopping your hardwood flooring. Make sure to check with your manufacturer’s care and maintenance guide, in addition to their list of approved vacuum cleaners, before using it on your floor.
  • For deeper cleaning, use a manufacturer approved cleaning solution and follow their guidelines.
  • For an even deeper clean, say for a spring cleaning, you may opt to hire a local professional floor cleaning company. For recommendations, speak with any of our store representatives!
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Hardwood spill

Extra hardwood care tips

Other preventative measures include keeping your pet’s nails trimmed, avoiding walking on the floor in high heels, and using a humidifier during the dry heating season and a dehumidifier during inclement weather. An area rug is also a great way to protect sections of your hardwood that are exposed to heavier foot traffic.

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