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Brandt Carpet & Tile

Your Family Flooring Provider!

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Your Family Flooring Provider!

Brandt Carpet & Tile is a family-owned and operated flooring and countertop business that was founded in 1975 by Roger and Shelly Brandt. Our store was originally opened as a means to supplement additional funds part-time, but in 1984, the Brandt family took a leap of faith and decided to dedicate all of our time to the business!

In 1984, the showroom on Main Street in Friend, NE was extended to become a fully-functional warehouse which not only stocks flooring but accommodates facilities for cutting products to size, woodwork and fabrication.  In 1996, Brandt Carpet & Tile became the first Oreck Select Store in the USA and is still, to this day, a proud carrier of the Oreck vacuum brand.

In 2008, our family store underwent another major change, this time to the staff. Tyler Brandt, the son of founders Roger and Shelly, took over ownership of Brandt Carpet & Tile. He continues to serve with his valued leadership and expertise today.

Today, with over 44 years of experience, Brandt Carpet & Tile has become one of the most reputable names in the flooring industry, and a business committed to making every customer feel like a member of our ever-growing family!

Why become a member of the Brandt Carpet & Tile Family?

Our commitment and dedication to our customers goes above and beyond sales. We are passionate about providing you with end-to-end solutions from the moment you enter our showroom up until your new floors and countertops have been installed. Our years of experience have given us the upper hand when it comes to finding a home design solution that works for you. We understand your needs and have the resources to make your home or business a beautiful, yet functional space.

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From large refurbishments to smaller projects, we are the family to trust with all your flooring and tile needs.

Visit our showroom today to view our extraordinary range of products and experience our amazing customer service.

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